Handouts and Resources

Please feel free to access and download Noel Studio handouts here. Email noelstudio@eku.edu with any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding any of these handouts.

Coming to the Noel Studio

What is a Consultation?

Quick Consultations

Online Consultations

What Can I do at the Noel Studio?

How Can a Consultant Help You with Writing?

How Can a Consultant Help You with a Presentation?

Minor in Applied Creative Thinking

Principles of Effective Communication

An Introduction to Creating Effective Communication

Written Communication

How to Write a Paper in 10 Easy Steps

How to Write a Paragraph Handout

How to Write a Paragraph Exercise

10 Tips for College Writing

Persuasive Strategies

Proofreading Checklist

Punctuation Hierarchies

First-Year Writing Grading Rubric

Oral Communication

Developing an Oral Presentation

Preparing Your Elevator Speech

Visual Communication

Pointers for PowerPoint

Learning Prezi

F1000Posters: An Open Access Repository of Posters and Slides (research poster examples) 

Noel Studio Poster Design Template

Better Posters: A Resource for Improving Poster Presentations

Tips for Designing Effective Posters 

Gestalt Principles


How to Use Windows Movie Maker

Citation Styles

A Quick Guide to MLA Format

Get to Know APA

Documentation Styles by Discipline


Online Storyboard Creator

Storyboard Basics

Storyboard Examples

Storyboarding with Post-It Notes

Storyboard Template: Six Up

Storyboard Template: Nine Up


Commonly Needed Commas

Professional Communication

Letters of Recommendation


An Introduction to Research and Information Fluency

Get Creative: Refine Your Research Topic

Conducting Academic Research: Process and Planning

Working with a Group

Group Dynamics