Data Initiatives Consultation Request

The Data Initiatives program provides a valuable service to the EKU community, as Data Initiatives consultants are students specifically trained to support students, faculty, staff, and administrators on research and analysis projects. The goals of the program are: (1) to facilitate the collection, maintenance, and access to data; (2) to provide broad institutional support for conducting research; and (3) to create an infrastructure that supports data analyses in a sustained manner. The Data Initiatives team follows best practices in data initiatives that will improve how researchers across campus think about data collection, data visualization, and data analysis. A crucial benefit of the Data Initiatives program is that it provides undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to work with real data. The Data Initiatives team is interdisciplinary in that consultants across departments work together on each project to generate a high quality end product. Through the Data Initiatives program students gain valuable experience, develop their technical skills, and improve their chances of accessing high quality jobs in an increasingly data-driven world. Any member of the EKU community (students, faculty, staff, and administrators) can request a consultation with the Data Initiatives team. Once the form is submitted, the consultant assigned to the project will schedule a 30-minutes consultation with the researcher. In this initial meeting, the researcher and the Data Initiatives consultant will: (1) define the goals of the project (e.g., feedback on an ongoing survey, moving a survey to Qualtrics, designing a new study, importing/cleaning data, visualizing data, analyzing data), (2) determine the timeline (typically one semester), and (3) specify the deliverables (e.g., highlights, infographic, Prezi/PowerPoint presentation, results section for a scientific journal). Requests for consultation for student projects (Honor's Theses, Master Theses, Doctoral Projects, etc.) will be accepted at any time during the Fall and Spring semesters and will be scheduled within a week of the submission. Requests for consultations for faculty projects (requiring the team to clean/visualize/analyze the data) will be accepted in August for consultations taking place during the Fall semester, and in January for consultations taking place during the Spring semester.

if you are requesting a consultation regarding already collected data, please ensure that any datasets are deidentified. RAI consultants will not provide support with datasets containing protected identifying data