About the Consultations


The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity is an integrated support service for writing, communication, and research. In other words, we help you develop and improve your communication projects and practices during what we call consultations. 

What is a consultation?

Consultations are available both in-person on the EKU Richmond campus or online via Zoom. Consultations offer an opportunity to work one-on-one with a consultant who is trained to provide objective and constructive feedback on a variety of communication products, including written, aural/oral, and visual communication. Consultations typically focus on global issues, such as organization, development, and evidence/support.

What kinds of projects can I bring to the Noel Studio?

Essays, speeches, visual aids, websites (we can’t code, but we can help with the text and design choices), research posters, personal statements for graduate school and/or scholarships, and more. Not sure if we are the right place for your need? Just ask us!

What will my consultant do during a consultation?

Rather than merely identify and “fix problems,” consultants are trained to ask questions and offer friendly, objective feedback designed to help you develop ideas, inspire you to pursue multiple lines of thinking, and help you think more creatively and critically about your communication project. As such, you and your consultant both will be active and engaged participants in the consultation. Depending on your needs, consultation goals might include:

  • Choosing a topic and organizing thoughts and ideas.
  • Researching, drafting, and revising.
  • Improving grammar, punctuation, and clarity.
  • Drafting an effective thesis statement and developing persuasive appeals.
  • Arranging effective collaboration and group dynamics in presentations.
  • Citing sources properly according to MLA, APA, or CMS.
  • Developing effective speech communication practices.
  • Asking questions and thinking critically and creatively about a topic or writing/communication assignment.
  • Understanding media options and uses.

Who can have consultations in the Noel Studio?

We work with undergraduate and graduate students from all EKU colleges and departments, for both academic and non-academic communication projects. Whether you are struggling with a project or feel confident and just want some objective feedback, we are here to help! And it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a full draft or just an idea – we work with students at any stage of the communication process, from brainstorming to final revision, and every point in between. 

Working on a group writing or communication project? We can help with that, too! Just remember: group consultations are more productive if all group members are present and engaged.

What types of things should I bring to my consultation?

  • Ideas, questions, and/or specific goals.
  • Prompts and/or guidelines for the assignment.
  • Feedback from your instructor.
  • Related or required readings and/or research you plan to reference.
  • Outlines, notes, drafts, and/or plans.

Do I have to have an appointment for a consultation or can I just drop in and work with a consultant?

We offer consultations by appointment and on a drop-in basis. Scheduled consultations are slotted for an hour, even if you aren't sure you will need a full hour. Appointments can be scheduled in advance or same-day (depending on availability), but are always scheduled for one hour to guarantee students adequate time to make progress on their communication products; appointments never exceed one hour. Drop-ins can only be scheduled by our desk staff (in person in the Noel Studio, via phone at (859) 622-7330, and/or via the chat box available at studio.eku.edu).

PLEASE NOTE: Our online booking system will not allow students to schedule their own online consultation unless a full hour is available/open following the selected start time for the appointment. Consultation availability is broken down into 15-minute increments, which means that you must have at least four white blocks in a row to schedule an appointment; otherwise, you will receive an error message stating the selected time is already booked or otherwise unavailable. 


For more information about consultation policies, visit our Policies and/or FAQs page. To schedule a consultation, see Scheduling a Consultation.