About the Space

The Noel Studio’s spaces are designed to help students think critically and creatively about their communications projects. Centrally located in the Crabbe (Main) Library and designed to facilitate multiple learning styles, the Noel Studio is a 10,000 square-foot space that encourages active learning and collaboration. For more information about our student-use spaces, see For Students: About the Space.

In coordination with the alternative instruction plans implemented by the University to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Noel Studio classroom spaces (Conference Room 310K, Discovery Classroom 310D, and Breakout Room 3) are not available for reservation for Spring 2021. Please direct questions or concerns to our email: noelstudio@eku.edu. 

Noel Studio Breakout 3

Equipped with a large, touchscreen SMART board and moveable node chairs

  • Small, moveable chairs with desk attachments create a dynamic, fluid atmosphere that can quickly rearrange according to need
  • Touch-screen SMART board and dry-erase boards accommodate both high- and low- technology approaches to teaching and learning

Noel Studio Discovery Classroom (Library 310D)

Equipped with three projection screens and moveable furniture

  • Around the room projection and comfortable, moveable furniture allows for dynamic, interactive presentations
  • Inspires informal discussion between students and faculty in a non-traditional classroom setting.

Noel Studio Conference Room (Library 310K)

Equipped with one projector, dry-erase boards, and conference-style tables and seating

  • Flexible meeting space that offers students and faculty an alternative to classrooms or boardrooms for professional presentations and collaborations.