Academic Continuity Plan (ACP) Technology

At times, the University closes due to inclement weather or factors outside of our control. This page offers tips and free or low-cost available technologies for incorporating technology into your courses to minimize teaching and learning disruptions.

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  • Google Drive 
    Create and share open folders and documents with individuals as well as small and large groups. Google Drive contains freely available applications for creating and sharing documents, slides, spreadsheets, and other texts.

    EKU IT information on GDrive
  • Google Forms
    Effective tool for open-note quizzes or sending a video with attached questions. Results are easily viewed. Also good for any sort of survey. Free application for designing question-based documents, with results aggregated in single Google Sheet. Includes multiple choice, short answer, short essay, and matching.

    Google Forms Tutorial
  • Skype
    Very efficient for holding a lecture/discussion from a distance with up to 25 participants.

    Skype Tutorial
  • YouTube Live Stream
    Useful for lecture only; not good for discussion since the only audience participation is text-based. 

    Introduction to YouTube Live Streaming
  • YouTube, Vimeo
    Great for creating supplementary class materials, tutorials, lectures, etc that could be used for years. Create videos containing course content, course lessons, or modules.

    YouTube Tutorial
    Vimeo Tutorial

    iMovie (Mac)
    A useful program to easily edit any video you create. Simple video editing and processing.

    iMovie Tutorial

    Effective for formative assessment of videos (for example, a video automatically pauses to ask a question); create videos and embed questions within the video where answers are sent to the instructor.

    Zaption Resource Page
  • Jing, Screencast-O-Matic
    Capture what you see on your screen, record what you’re doing on your screen, and send videos or screen captures. Capture basic video, animations, and images off of computer screen. S-OM primarily for screen recording.

    Jing Tutorial
    Screencast-O-Matic Tutorial
  • Infographics are a common way of conveying statistical information or creating an argument in a creative, effective manner. They can be a popular alternative to a traditional written assignment and subject to critical analysis with standard parameters, as with any other text.

    Infographic Toolkit
  • Thinglink
    Create more engaging content for online materials and add interactive media content to any image or video.

    Thinglink Tutorial
  • TimelineJS
    A unique tool for creating an engaging timeline used as instructional material or a tool for student use.

    TimelineJS Tutorial
  • Prezi
    The general use is for basic presentations; it includes visual elements that make content interesting and interactive. Create a more appealing presentation, not based upon slides.

    Prezi Tutorial
  • Evernote
    A powerful tool for collaborative work; useful in groups where people already use the app/program. Share and collaborate with content; similar to Google Docs, with shared editing and view-only privileges.

    Evernote Resource Page

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