Best Practices for Teaching Large Enrollment Courses PLC - Spring 2019 registration

In this PLC, faculty will explore new ways to teach large sections. Faculty will design a course that can accommodate large enrollments and consider ways to conduct SoTL research on large enrollment courses.

PLC Learning Outcomes:

  • learn of best practices for teaching large sections
  • develop an overall approach to teaching large sections
  • consider engaging in scholarship about their teaching of large sections
  • DEEP Course Connections: Critical Reading,Foundations, Flipping the Classroom

Learning Threads: Pedagogy, Scholarship

Texts and Resources: Available online

Note: Any required texts or resources will be provided to you in advance or during the first meeting.

Please email us with any questions related to this PLC or contact the facilitator directly. We look forward to collaborating with you this semester. 

Please Read

I understand that my participation in a PLC requires a commitment on my part to enjoy the benefits as an instructor. If I am selected to participate, I agree to fully engage in the PLC meetings and activities and complete readings and projects.