Collaborate with the Noel Studio

What is the Noel Studio?

The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity is a student-focused integrated support service for writing, communication, and research. Our primary service is the consultation, a peer-to-peer conversation about a student's communication project or product focused on the student's questions, ideas, and expectations. To learn more about the consultations and space, see About the Consultation.

In addition to consultations, the Noel Studio supports campus writing, communication, and research initiatives with technologically sophisticated spaces (see About the Space), and resources and workshops designed to support the development of creative and effective writing, communication, and research practices in every discipline.

Collaborate with the Noel Studio

The Noel Studio offers a diverse selection of requestable workshops and Active Learning Toolkits that explore interdisciplinary writing and communication topics. We can work with you to adapt our workshops and toolkits to meet assignment, course, and/or discipline needs, or to co-design new ways to support your assignments and students. 

Noel Studio Workshops

Noel Studio Workshops explore interdisciplinary writing and communication topics and can be tailored to meet the needs of your students, assignment, and discipline.

Workshops occur within the Noel Studio and are facilitated by a trained member of our staff. The Noel Studio prefers to schedule workshops at least two weeks in advance; request approval is dependent on facilitator and space availability.

Active Learning Toolkits

Developed from previous Noel Studio Workshops, Active Learning Toolkits offer faculty the plan and resources for employing Noel Studio pedagogy in their own classrooms. Each Toolkit provides an outline, resources, and suggestions for fully engaging students in the application of foundational writing and communication topics.

You may request a Noel Studio space for facilitating lessons that incorporate the Active Learning Toolkits. Please submit requests at least one week in advance; requests will be accommodated as space is available.

Co-designed Assignment Support 

If you'd like to work with the Noel Studio to design a tailored approach to a specific lesson or topic, contact the Noel Studio directly at Once we receive your email, a member of the Noel Studio will initiate a discussion about student needs and learning outcomes. Together, we will identify challenges and possible solutions, which could include (but are not limited to) a Noel Studio-facilitated workshop, an instructor-facilitated workshop, and/or modifications to an existing assignment.

Below is a virtual tour of the space which highlights many of the services we offer to your students.