Data Science Team

About the Program

The Data Science program provides undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to work with real data. The Data Science Team provides a valuable service to the EKU community, as Data Science consultants are students specifically trained to support students, faculty, and staff on research and analysis projects. The team follows best practices in data science that will improve how researchers across campus think about data collection, data visualization, and data analysis. The team is interdisciplinary in that consultants across departments work together on each project to generate a high quality end product. Through the Data Science program students gain valuable experience, develop their technical skills, and improve their chances of accessing high quality jobs in an increasingly data-driven world. 

Data Science Consultant Expectations

Undergraduate Data Science consultants work on research and analyses projects under the mentorship of graduate students and faculty members. Students work in a tier system in which junior consultants (first semester students) are mentored by senior consultants (third semester students). Furthermore, consultants are assigned to projects in teams so they always have a person to brainstorm with. The Data Science coordinator will assign different teams to different projects. The expectations for the consultant include: 

  • Meet once per week with the Data Science team 

  • Participate in the monthly meetings of the R User Group

  • Participate in training and professional development

  • Meet with researchers requesting a consultation at the Noel Studio

  • Work side-by-side with mentors to complete projects with real data

  • Clean, review, visualize, analyze, and report data

  • Complete the tasks assigned by the data science coordinator and faculty mentor

  • Work with mentors to produce a “deliverable” for each project

Program Details

Consultants will be trained on best practices regarding data collection, data visualization, and statistical analyses. The goals of the Data Science team are:

  • To expose students to real datasets to improve their research and analytical skills.

  • To facilitate the collection, maintenance, and access to data.  

  • To provide broad institutional support for conducting research. 

  • To create an infrastructure to provide analytical support in a sustained manner. 

  • To find external clients that pay discounted rates as students are doing most of the work. 

Data Science Consultants work 7-12 hours per week. Weekly schedules will be set in advance before the semester begins and include:

  • Attend Data Science meetings (1 hour per week)

  • Seminar (1 hour per week)

  • Consulting and project development (5-10 hours per week)

Schedules will be set in advance in collaboration with the Noel Studio, graduate students, and faculty mentors.

Become a Data Science Consultant

Please email Dr. Russell Carpenter, Executive Director of the Noel Studio, if you are interested in applying for Data Science positions in the future.