DEEP: Developing Excellence in Eastern's Professors

The DEEP system, developed by the Faculty Innovation Workgroup, advances faculty and professional development at EKU through the design of technology and resources that raise faculty teaching to the highest in the Commonwealth. DEEP represents an ongoing commitment to excellence among EKU faculty and an investment in the continued enhancement of teaching and learning across campus.

DEEP involves multiple levels that contain materials and assignments for successful completion. Each level signifies an intensified engagement in the pedagogical topic identified by learning outcomes and cognitive process dimensions outlined in the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. The system is composed of content that is freely available online (open) and content that is available upon faculty login (closed).


System Organization

Each course, based on pedagogical topic, proceeds in levels to ensure that the structure and materials are consistent across the system.

System Organization Chart

Navigating the System

Click on the pedagogical topic(s) below to access the course, which will take you to information about the course and an instructional guide to accessing the course.


Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Fairchild (Faculty Innovator; DEEP Mentor Coordinator  Dr. Jennifer Fairchild

Discussion Boards

Mentor: Dr. Beth Polin (Faculty Innovator) Dr. Beth Polin

Foundations of Pedagogy

Mentor: Dr. Ryan Baggett and Cindy Judd (Faculty Innovator) Dr. Ryan Baggett
Cindy Judd

Flipping the Classroom

Mentor: Dr. Randi Polk (Faculty Innovator) Dr. Randi Polk

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Mentor: Dr. Timothy Forde (Faculty Innovator and Vice Provost for Diversity) Dr. Timothy Forde

Critical Reading

Mentors: Dr. Jill Parrott and Dr. Lisa Bosley Dr. Bosley and Dr. Parrott

Thinking Critically and Creatively

Mentor: Dr. Paula Jones (Faculty Innovator) Dr. Paula Jones

Information Literacy

Mentor: Heather Beirne, Ashley Cole, Trenia Napier, & Sarah Richardson (Library) Information Literacy Mentors

Faculty Involvement

DEEP welcomes involvement from across campus. We have two options, please select the best option below if you would like to propose a course or be involved in the design process. A faculty innovator work group member will promptly respond to your request.

Proposing a Course
Proposing & Developing a Course
Proposing a TLI Session

DEEP Presentation Request

If you would like to know more about DEEP, please schedule an informational presentation from a DEEP representative. The DEEP informational presentation is about 10 minutes, including time for questions. A DEEP representative will come to your department and present on the DEEP system, how to access it, and how it will benefit your department and EKU.


DEEP Flyer 2018

Please contact the Noel Studio with any questions about accessing courses or the DEEP system.

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