Faculty Development at EKU

What is Faculty Development?

Part of the university since the early 19th Century, faculty development is sometimes referred to as instructional development, organizational development, or educational development.  Regardless of the actual name, the term refers to what the Professional and Organizational Development Network (POD) synthesizes as “the enhancement of the work of colleges and universities, often with a focus on teaching and learning.”

What importance does EKU place on Faculty Development?

According to “Make No Little Plans:  A Vision for 2020,” EKU’s current strategic plan, Strategic Goal #1 of Academic Excellence is Invest in Our Faculty with a strategy to “Enhance faculty professional development opportunities with a focus on developing skills and engaging students through high-impact learning strategies, including metacognition skills, teaching techniques, curriculum design and providing customer-focused service to all (1.1.1).”  The placement of faculty development at the beginning of the strategic plan emphasizes its priority within the University.

What services accomplish this goal, and where can you find them?

The Teaching & Learning Center, located in Keen Johnson and an integral part of the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity, offers a host of services at both the Faculty Center and the Noel Studio, including:

  • New Faculty Orientation and follow-up activities
  • Teaching & Learning Innovation Series (TLI):  workshops, panels, and other presentations
  • Professional Learning Communities, Creative Communities, Breakfasts & a Book, and Dialogue Series
  • Classroom observations
  • Faculty Innovators (college-specific faculty members who can provide specialized training)
  • Mentoring (e.g., scholarship, especially SoTL)
  • Teaching awards
  • Other training (e.g., TA and First-Year Programs)
  • Consultations (e.g., teaching strategies, syllabus preparation)
  • Faculty Development initiatives (e.g., Provost’s Professional Development Speaker Series, Scholars Week, Pedagogicon, Faculty Innovation Network)

Faculty Development Resources

Faculty Development Opportunities


Below is a timeline of yearly events focusing on faculty development at EKU.