Faculty Development Services

Faculty Consultation Program

The faculty consultation program is a confidential, one-on-one mentoring program for faculty providing consultation, classroom visitation, review of literature, and optional videotaping. Faculty consultations provide an opportunity to receive feedback and guidance on

  • Scholarship and publications
  • Research
  • Course-Design, Syllabi, and Rubrics
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Research and Design

Designed by a Professional Learning Community
Members: John Harley (facilitator), Lana Carnes, Oliver Feltus, Wardell Johnson, Paula Kopacz, Shirley O'Brien, Richard Sambrook, and Steffen Wilson.

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Peer Observation of Teaching

The peer-observation of teaching is a confidential, three-part process consisting of a pre-interview, a classroom observation, and a post-observation meeting. Peer observations focus on organization, rapport, presentation strategies, and classroom teaching materials. Faculty members can request a written report that they may (or may not) use in the Promotion and Tenure (P&T) process.

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Video Development 

Faculty members can request a consultation with our Media Producer to plan a recording of an upcoming class session. Videos can provide valuable insight into classroom strategies and small-group interaction and collaboration. In addition, our Media Producer can provide feedback and mini-tutorials on available video software. Videos can be included in teaching packets or as part of demonstration materials or uploaded to YouTube or the Learning Management System (LMS).

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Teaching & Learning Environment Consultations and Advising

Space design is critical to any academic landscape. We can provide one-on-one, small-group, and departmental consultations and advising about updating, redesigning, or planning new learning spaces across campus. Several options include:

  • Classroom space design or redesign
  • Learning space design for interactivity and collaboration
  • Planning and managing learning space design and implementation
  • Research and assessment of learning space design
  • Active learning space design (for example, mentoring from the middle)
  • Flipping the classroom

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Teaching & Learning Technologies

We can provide individual and small-group feedback and demonstrations on integrating technology into teaching and learning. Feedback might focus on

  • Incorporating the latest technology into your teaching
  • Maximizing technology to enhance teaching and learning
  • Making the most of campus hardware and software

In addition, we coordinate with the Noel Studio to provide media services for faculty members who need assistance in developing videos and other media for instructional use. For more information, visit the Teaching & Learning Media Services page.

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T&L/Professional and Faculty Development Inquiry 

Do you have other questions about teaching and learning at EKU? Send us your questions or let us know about opportunities in your area.

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