Faculty Development Services

Faculty Consultation Program

The faculty consultation program is a one-on-one mentoring program for faculty providing consultation, classroom visits, resources and tools related to teaching, and ongoing opportunities for collaboration focused on integrating evidence-based teaching practices into your classroom.

Faculty consultations provide an opportunity to receive feedback and guidance on

  • Course-Design, Syllabi, and Rubrics
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Research and Design
  • Scholarship and publications
  • Research

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Peer Observation of Teaching

The peer-observation of teaching is a confidential, three-part process consisting of a pre-interview, a classroom observation, and a post-observation meeting. Peer observations focus on organization, rapport, presentation strategies, and classroom teaching materials. Faculty members can request a written report  for documentation and continued enhancement of teaching. 

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Teaching & Learning Environment Consultations and Advising

Space design is critical to any academic landscape. We can provide one-on-one, small-group, and departmental consultations and advising about updating, redesigning, or planning new learning spaces across campus. Several options include:

  • Classroom space design or redesign
  • Learning space design for interactivity and collaboration
  • Planning and managing learning space design and implementation
  • Research and assessment of learning space design
  • Active learning space design (for example, mentoring from the middle)
  • Flipping the classroom

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Teaching & Learning Technologies

We can provide individual and small-group feedback and demonstrations on integrating technology into teaching and learning. Feedback might focus on

  • Incorporating the latest technology into your teaching
  • Maximizing technology to enhance teaching and learning
  • Making the most of campus hardware and software

T&L/Professional and Faculty Development Inquiry 

Do you have other questions about teaching and learning at EKU? Send us your questions or let us know about opportunities in your area.

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