Faculty Innovators

Have you ever considered being a Faculty Innovator? We are now accepting applications for Faculty Innovators in four colleges, to start Fall 2021:

  • College of Business
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences
  • College of Science

FIs are appointed for a 3-year term, with the option to renew for a second 3-year term.

More information about this influential role is available below.  To apply, click here.  Applications due March 15, 2021.

It's an exciting time to be a faculty member at EKU!

Recognizing our faculty want to learn new pedagogical and technical skills and strategies, EKU is proud to have the Faculty Innovators Program, which combines our faculty and existing resources to provide access to opportunities for developing these important skills.

The Faculty Innovators Program has identified EKU faculty members with great expertise in teaching and learning practices, classroom techniques, and up-to-date technologies to showcase innovative teaching and learning practices on campus and to share their expertise with other faculty. The Faculty Innovators will facilitate demonstrations and workshops as well as one-on-one training with individual faculty regarding innovative teaching practices, will meet with new faculty as a part of the new faculty orientation program, and will assist them throughout the year. Faculty Innovators will also lead sessions as part of the Teaching & Learning Innovation series

Faculty Innovators are a cadre of faculty members selected in consultation with deans and chairs who have been trained in the best practices in teaching & learning, high-impact classroom techniques, and up-to-date technologies. They have a strong desire to share that expertise with other faculty and with students.

Faculty Innovator Program Contacts:

Dr. Shirley O'Brien, Coordinator, Faculty Innovator Program

Dr. Jennifer Fairchild, Coordinator, Faculty Innovator Program

Dr. Russell Carpenter, Assistant Provost

Faculty Innovators 2020-2021

Dr. Shirley O'Brien, Health Sciences
Faculty Innovator Coordinator
Dr. Shirley O'Brien

Dr. Jennifer Fairchild, CLASS
Faculty Innovator Coordinator
Dr. Jennifer Fairchild

Cindy Judd, EKU Libraries
Cindy Judd

Dr. Chad Foster, Justice & Safety



Dr. Matt Winslow, CLASS

Dr. Matthew Winslow

Dr. Eileen Shanahan, College of Education


Dr. Randi Polk, CLASS

Dr. Randi Polk

Dr. Beth Polin, Business &
Dr. Beth Polin (Finley)

Dr. Ray Richardson, Business &
Dr. Ray Richardson

Dr. Bill Staddon, College of Science

Dr. Bill Staddon

Dr. Travis Martin, Innovator in Residence



Dr. Molly Bradshaw, Health Sciences

Dr. Molly Bradshaw

Dr. Judy Jenkins, Chemistry

Dr. Judy Jenkins

Dr. Lisa Day, CLASS
FI Emerita, served 2015-2018

Dr. Lisa Day

Dr. Eric Meiners, CLASS
FI Emeritus, served 2015-2019

Dr. Eric Meiners

Dr. Doris Pierce, Health Sciences
FI Emerita, served 2015-2017

Dr. Doris Pierce

Dr. Ryan Baggett, Justice & Safety
FI Emeritus, served 2015-2019

Dr. Ryan Baggett


Dr. Bev Hart, Health Sciences
FI Emerita, served 2015-2016

Dr. Bev Hart

Dr. Cynthia Resor, Education
FI Emeritus, served 2017 - 2020

Dr. Cynthia Resor

Dr. Paula Jones, ID/Online Education 
FI Emeritus, served 2017 - 2020

Dr. Paula Jones



You may find previously appointed Faculty Innovators here.

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