2020 Faculty Leadership Institute

FLI 2020
As faculty members advance in their academic careers, they need new skills and strategies for managing and leading complex academic initiatives. The 2020 Faculty Leadership Institute focused on practical strategies faculty can use to help the university navigate change and ensure continued excellence. Topics focused on:
  • Classroom management
  • Conflict management
  • Politics and policies
  • Budgeting
  • Leadership assessment and strategies

The FLI concluded with a student panel focused on ways in which faculty leadership has helped students in their academic careers at EKU. Read more about the 2020 FLI here. A variety of leadership workshops are available for all members of the EKU community. Contact Dr. Russell Carpenter and/or Dr. Sara Zeigler about designing opportunities for your area.


2020 FLI participants include: 


Renee Causey-Upton
Jose Gomez
Dana Howell
Javier Alvarez
Jaime Henning
Shirley O'Brien
Geela Spira
Jamie Shaffer
Casey Humphrey
Yoshie Nakai
Ozan Kalkan
Jeongwoo Kim
Julie George
Michael Chen
Todd McCardle
David Coleman
Steffen Wilson
Stacey Korson
Sara Incera
John Bowes
Travis Altheide
Starr Wentzel
Joanne McGlown
Sarah Richardson
Susan Skees Hermes
Ann Burns
Stephen Richter
Stacia Cook-McCoy
Abbey Poffenberger
Socorro Zaragoza
Brad Powell
Charlotte Rich
Sara Zeigler
Tom Schneid
Cristina Tofan
Tori Bowman
Russell Carpenter
Richard Osbaldiston
Lisa Bosley
Bill Sullivan
Cindy Frazer
Melissa Wyatt
Mina Yazdani
Kelly Watson
Jim Fatzinger
Jill Parrott
Amy Braccia 
Timothy Wiggins
Heather Norris
Ashley Cole
Rita  Downing 
Justin Stearns
Ashley Offutt
Eileen Shanahan
Leah Simpkins
Kellie Ellis
Ann Callahan
Chad Foster
Heather Beirne
Heather Fox
Jon Meyer

FLI Co-Chairs

Dr. Sara Zeigler, Dean, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

Dr. Russell Carpenter, Executive Director, Noel Studio for Academic Creativity

FLI Advisory Committee

Dr. Matthew Winslow

Dr. Shirley O’Brien

Published on March 02, 2020