ePortfolios Presented at the Noel Studio

ePortfolio Presentation

On Tuesday, December 6,  2016, the students enrolled in Dr. Jennifer Fairchild’s CMS 495 showcased their capstone projects in the Noel Studio’s Greenhouse. The students created an ePortfolio: a digital archive that highlights their accomplishments and aspirations, tailored for a professional audience and designed for use in establishing a career after EKU.

Through several workshops at the Noel Studio the students were taught basic web design principles and how to effectively use the platform to communicate their message in a professional manner. Their ePortfolios included academic achievements, career experience, an introductory video, and a video of their capstone presentation. While not all students were accustomed to working in a digital platform, Senior Kennedy Jewel commented that “Overall the assignment was something that I had never done before and it was interesting incorporating my skills into a more ‘modern’ medium. I certainly feel that it makes me more marketable as an applicant.”

The students customized their ePortfolios to fit their intended audience, purpose, and context. The usefulness of the project was clear to all of Dr. Fairchild’s students. For example, Senior Callie Burt commented, “I see the value in an ePortfolio being that it gives employers an opportunity to know you before they have the chance to meet you. Every color choice, font, picture is a way that we are able to express ourselves to potential employers.”

The Noel Studio offers consultations for students designing multimodal projects from all disciplines. In addition, faculty can schedule requestable workshops to prepare their students to address design-focused issues in multimodal communication projects while also learning new ways to hone teaching skills. A recent issue of the International Journal of ePortfolio suggests that ePortfolio design is the 11th High-Impact Educational Practice. The Noel Studio supports high-impact educational practices across EKU’s campus.

We welcome inquiries from faculty and students via email or phone at 859-622-7403. Follow the Noel Studio on social media at @noelstudio.

student presenting student presenting

Published on December 13, 2016