Noel Studio Announces Dr. Janna Vice Award for Student Scholarship

Dr. Janna Vice Award for Student Scholarship

The Noel Studio has taken a step to recognize student staff members committed to academic excellence at EKU.

The Dr. Janna Vice Award for Student Scholarship was announced at the annual Noel Studio Program Appreciation Night held as part of Scholarship Week 2016. The award is named for EKU Provost, Dr. Janna Vice, for her commitment to academic excellence at EKU.

“The Dr. Vice Award for Student Scholarship will allow us to highlight and acknowledge forms of student scholarship that we see coming through the Noel Studio on a regular basis,” said Noel Studio Executive Director Dr. Russell Carpenter. “Our students are producing major research projects in the areas of communication and writing pedagogy, teaching and learning, metacognition and innovative learning, and studio pedagogy. Undergraduate and graduate students working in our program have a perspective on communication and student learning that is unique to our program. They’re in the ideal position to produce research and scholarship that contributes to the academic mission of the University,” Dr. Carpenter remarked.

The award will recognize a student staff member that exemplifies academic excellence and through scholarship, research, and creative endeavors in the Noel Studio and for the entire EKU community.

As a recent example of exemplary research with widespread campus impact, Noel Studio consultants Jessica Vaught and Rachel Lachut have completed the first phase of a study of student learning in the Honors Program using the Student Learning Inventory, developed by Drs. Charlie Sweet, Hal Blythe, Bill Phillips, and Russell Carpenter and published in the recent Transforming Your Students into Deep Learners book. Vaught and Lachut have learned more about student study habits and will present their research at the National Collegiate Honors Council conference in Seattle, WA, in October with their mentor, Dr. Carpenter.

Students find these research and scholarly experiences incredibly valuable in their own academic development as well. “I think it is really important because you get a lot of field experience you would never have before,” Vaught said. “You are asking the questions yourself, solving the problems yourself. You’re finding research that probably wasn’t available on the Internet, but now it is available to people because of you.”

The Dr. Janna Vice Award for Student Scholarship will be announced to the first recipient during the Noel Studio Program Appreciation Night during Scholarship Week 2017. In addition to recognition of excellence, the award winner will receive a $250 scholarship.

This award is given to a member of the Noel Studio staff who has exemplified a commitment to advancing academic excellence at EKU through scholarly and creative endeavors.

Selection criteria include: Production of a piece of scholarship or creative activity that offers a major contribution to academic excellence at EKU, Noel Studio consulting and learning experiences, and beyond; development of a substantial single-authored, collaborative, or faculty mentored project that might include a scholarly manuscript, scholarly presentation, creative production, research poster, or other production; and active promotion of academic excellence in Noel Studio pedagogy or programming through scholarly and creative endeavors.

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Published on May 02, 2016