Noel Studio Expanding Online Consultations

Student working

The Noel Studio is redefining face-to-face collaboration with its new service: online consultations. The Noel Studio and eCampus have partnered to increase the number of online consultations available to EKU's online students. 

The Noel Studio now has three online consultants that are available 40 hours a week during regular business hours. Online consultations are available as a resource for eCampus students or students studying at one of Eastern’s regional campuses. Online consultations offer the same individual attention on a variety of communication projects, just like a face-to-face consultation would.

Our online consultants are trained to use audio, video, and other forms of text-based communication to help off-location students with their assignments. Online consultations can be used for brainstorming, drafting and revision of papers, oral presentations, multimodal or creative project, and even scholarship or graduate school applications. To make the most out of an online consultation, it is recommended that students identify questions or areas of focus about their assignment prior to the consultation.

Online consultations are available by appointment only and require reliable Internet access. Consultations are most effective with technologies such as a webcam, headset and microphone. All of Eastern’s regional campuses have these technologies available for students. Students may send their projects to the consultant via the WCOnline appointment in preparation for their appointments. Questions regarding problems with uploading assignments can be directed to

Students can view an instructional video on how to use WCOnline at Consultations can be made through WCOnline or by calling the Noel Studio at 859-622-7330. Specific questions can be directed to the Noel Studio Technology Coordinator, Jason Peerce, at

Published on February 17, 2016