Noel Studio Resources During Remote Instruction for COVID-19


Noel Studio Resources During Remote Instruction for COVID-19


The Noel Studio continues to offer the Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) community valuable resources during times that instruction is offered remotely due to COVID-19 measures. It is important that as a campus community we continue to support students and faculty by providing opportunities that use technology appropriate for our needs to deliver high-quality educational experiences.


Consultations, individualized meetings between students and highly trained Noel Studio consultants, are taking place online via synchronous (or real-time) audio, video, and chat technologies. All students have access to online consultations for writing, communication, and research projects. Students can schedule online consultations by going to Schedule a Consultation or Room from the Noel Studio home page. Visit the Online Consultation page for more information about how the process works. 


The Noel Studio has designed multiple resources to support faculty as instruction has moved online. Foremost, the Academic Continuity Plan (ACP) offers a variety of popular pedagogical techniques and technologies that allow faculty to move classes online and maximize approaches for remote instruction, even on short notice.

Many faculty choose to integrate Noel Studio collaborations into their syllabi. Noel Studio staff members are still offering codesigned resources electronically, along with workshops. In addition, faculty are encouraged to include Noel Studio consultation information in their spring syllabi, using (or adapting) the syllabus language available in the Resources area of the ACP. You can also access and download the syllabus language directly


Contact the Noel Studio at for specific information about resources or programming during remote instruction. Follow the Noel Studio at @noelstudio for regular updates.

Published on March 30, 2020