Integrating Transparency in Learning & Teaching (TILT) and Culturally Responsive Practices to Promote Student Engagement Opportunities in the Classroom

Location: Noel Studio Conference Room

Are you interested in improving student learning in the classroom using research based strategies and culturally responsive strategies? Have you considered small changes in your teaching that can enhance the ways in which students learn while producing equitable opportunities for participation and motivation? In this two-part workshop series, facilitators introduce transparency in learning and teaching (TILT) and culturally responsive strategies, discuss strategies for integrating these concepts into the classroom, and facilitate transferable activities focused on the value of TILT and culturally responsive practices for EKU learners,especially students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Participants will: receive a packet of information focused on the TILT process and culturally responsive resources to use in their classrooms. Through this experience, participants will apply strategies learned to specific course materials--syllabi, assignments, rubrics, or other resources--and have the opportunity to draft or revise course documents with support from facilitators. This is a two-part workshop series. Sessions will build on one another.

All are welcome.  These workshops are ideally suited for program leaders, coordinators, directors, and others involved in curriculum design. Drinks and a light lunch will be available for participants. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate TILT and culturally based approaches that best reach diverse student learners; especially learners from diverse backgrounds;

  • Explore TILT and culturally responsive strategies to engage and motivate all learners;

  • Use TILT and culturally responsive strategies that enhance teaching and learning for diverse student populations; and 

  • Integrate TILT and culturally responsive strategies into teaching and learning resources.