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All consultations are ONLINE ONLY for Summer 2020. Our online consultation system offers real-time audio, video, and/or text-based chat options; consultants and students can use any combination of these tools during the online consultation. For more information about how online consultations work, visit

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How to Schedule A Consultation

Noel Studio consultations are available ONLINE ONLY for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester; our space will be closed. You can schedule online consultations through our online scheduling system by following the directions below (to learn more about how online consultations work, visit


Select or click on the Schedule a Consultation or Room icon on this page or on the Noel Studio homepage ( 

Image of Schedule a Consultation or Room icon on Noel Studio homepage


Your username and password is the Microsoft Azure single-sign on already in use for logging into Blackboard, EKU Direct, EKU MyMail, Google Drive, NuPark and many other EKU online accounts. For example:

  • Username:
  • Password: your password is the same across all Azure logins.

If you have never made a Noel Studio appointment, you will be asked to register your account before you can begin scheduling appointments.

EKU Azure Login Screen


Once registered and/or logged in, you will see consultation availabilities for the current semester organized by date, consultant, and time. You can use the PREV WEEK | CURRENT WEEK | NEXT WEEK menu (marked in the image below) or the calendar icon to navigate to your preferred date. Available time is represented by small white boxes; each box represents 15 minutes. Identify an hour-length slot that works for you and select or click on the white box that corresponds with the date and start-time you want to reserve:

Image of Consultation Schedule

Please note: Online Consultations must be scheduled at least 30 minutes prior to the time you would like to start your consultation. All consultations must be scheduled for a full hour, even if you think you will not need a full hour. If you select a starting time that does not have four of the small white boxes (representing 60 minutes) following it or that is less than 30 minutes in the future, the system will not allow you to schedule a consultation for that time. 


Once you have selected a full hour-length consultation slot, a new window with the appointment form will pop-up (you may have to turn off or pause your pop-up blockers). This appointment form is where you can tell us more about your assignment (e.g. course, instructor, type of product, due date, what you’d like to focus on). Use the “Comments” box to share additional information about your assignment and/or needs (e.g. I need help brainstorming, I’m worried about APA formatting, I’d like to practice my speech and get feedback, etc.).


Screenshot of the Create New Appointment form

At the bottom of the appointment form, you’ll find “file attachment” boxes. Use these boxes to upload your product (if you have a draft or outline) and any documents you think might help us help you (e.g. assignment prompts/instructions, feedback from your instructor, etc.): 

Screenshot of Create New Appointment form - file attachment


Select or click on CREATE APPOINTMENT. You should receive an on-screen confirmation and an automated email confirmation to your EKU email address (automated appointment reminders are sent the day before your appointment). If you do not see the confirmation and/or reminder emails in your inbox, check your JUNK/SPAM/CLUTTER folders. The email includes links to directions on how to access your and instructions about how your Consultant will contact you in the event you experience difficulty with the real-time online consultation.

Appointment saved successfully message screen