Data Science Consultations

Do you have a research project that you do not know how to tackle? Do you have research questions but are not sure how to answer them?


Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center is an educational and service unit hosted by the Department of Mathematics & Statistics.

The goal is to provide advice, project management, data management, and statistical analysis for the university. Consultations are run by faculty members; you will receive one-on-one support on your data science needs.

You can request a consultation here.


Research and Analysis Team

The Research and Analysis Team is an educational and service unit hosted by the Noel Studio.

The goal is to train undergraduate and graduate students in data science while providing a service to the university. Consultations are run by graduate and undergraduate students under the supervision of a faculty mentor; you will receive support from a team of students. 

You can request a consultation here.

Depending of the state of your project you can consider different alternatives:

  1. If you are a researcher who has not collected data yet, and need advice on how to design a project (e.g., how to work with research assistants, how to create a Qualtrics form, how to recruit participants), consider joining the Fall professional learning community “From Idea to Data”.

  2. If you are a researcher who is interested in learning how to explore your own data and how to get it published (e.g., selecting a journal, creating figures, writing the results section) consider joining the Spring professional learning community “From Data to Publication”.

  3. If you have collected data and you want the RAI team to help you with it, you can request a consultation. These are the normal steps* a RAI consultation entails: 

  • Once you request a consultation with the RAI team a graduate student will be assigned to your project.

  • The graduate student will create a folder in our Google Drive with the name of your project.

  • Once you are invited to the folder, you will need to upload your dataset (notice that the initial consultation cannot take place until a dataset has been uploaded). 

  • Once the dataset has been uploaded, you will coordinate with the graduate student to find a time to meet with the RAI team for the initial consultation (our standing weekly meetings are Thursdays at 9 am).

  • During the initial 30 minutes consultation you will work with the RAI team (undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty mentors) to develop a plan. We will also determine an appropriate timeline to execute that plan (note that in order to properly train students in data science all projects should take a minimum of one month and most projects should be semester-long projects). 

  • The RAI team will work on your data and the graduate student assigned to your project will follow up with you if there are questions

  • During the final meeting (scheduled in the timeline) the RAI team will present the results and everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

  • Once everyone agrees on the final output, the RAI team will upload the final version of the data (.xlsx document), the final version of the code (R Notebook document), and any relevant figures (.png) to the project folder.


*Alterations to these steps need to be approved by the faculty mentor.