Calendars and Events

NOTE: Space, online consultation, and in-person consultation hours may differ. You can view all hours on our Hours & Location page. 

Noel Studio Calendar

The Noel Studio Discovery Classroom, Conference Room, and Breakout Space 3 are used for collaborative efforts between the Noel Studio and campus community. The Noel Studio also offers a variety of events through the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning focused on innovative teaching and learning. If you would like to inquire about collaborative opportunities, or have questions about our calendar or events, please email

Color Key:

  • Grey: Zoom meetings on the Noel Studio Account
  • Blue: Conference Room (310K)
  • Green: Discovery Classroom (310D, non-reservable) 
  • Pink: Greenhouse
  • Purple: Breakout 3
  • Yellow: FCT&L / Crabbe 318 (non-reservable)
  • Red: Campus Community