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Welcome to the Noel Studio!

Consultations are ONLINE ONLY for Fall and feature real-time audio, video, and text-based chat options; you can use any combination of these tools during the consultation.

For more information about how our online consultations work, visit For Students-Online Consultations. To learn how to schedule an online consultation, check out For Students-Schedule an Appointment. If you need assistance making or accessing your online consultation, chat with us via the chat box on our homepage.

NOTE: Space hours and consultation hours differ. You can view both on our Hours & Location page. 

What is the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity?

The Noel Studio integrates support for writing, speaking, research, and multimodal communication. We help EKU students develop effective communication skills by promoting critical and creative thinking through peer-to-peer meetings called consultations. The Noel Studio also provides technology, spaces, and resources to support the development of effective communication products and practices, with or without a consultation. Want to schedule a Consultation? Visit Schedule a Consultation.

What happens during a consultation?

During a consultation, you will work with a Noel Studio consultant who is trained to provide objective, productive feedback on a variety of communication products, including presentations, essays, research posters, visual aids, and more. Consultations are highly interactive in order to support the development of effective communication products and practices. We consult students from any major or class, and at any stage of the communication process--from brainstorming to final revision, and every point in between. Learn more by visiting About the Consultations.

What spaces are available in the Noel Studio?

The Noel Studio offers flexible spaces to support the development of effective communication, regardless of the type of product or where you are in the process. The Invention Space provides whiteboards, manipulatives, and other resources to help you brainstorm a research topic. You can use the monitors on the Media Wall to develop large-scale visual products, such as research posters. The Presentation Suite includes spaces to practice delivering presentations and spaces where you can discuss opportunities for improvement. If you are working on a group  project, you can collaborate with classmates in one of our Breakout Spaces. Learn more by visiting About the Space.

Interested in learning more? Visit us in the John Grant Crabbe (Main) Library, watch the video below, or explore the rest of our website to learn about our services, resources, and spaces!

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