Online Consultations

The Noel Studio helps EKU students develop effective communication skills by promoting critical and creative thinking through peer-to-peer meetings called consultations. For more information about what happens during a consultation and how to best prepare for your consultation, visit For Students: About the Consultations.

How do I begin my online consultation?

Your online consultation will be held in two virtual spaces: on Zoom (where you will see your consultant face-to-face and where you will be able to send them a link to your writing) and in your EKU G-Suite Drive for Education (where you and your consultant will “meet” over a shared Google Doc/Slides/Jamboard/etc.),  which is basically a Google Drive account connected to your EKU account.

STEP 1: EKU G-Suite Drive for Education (Before Your Appointment)

Make sure your writing/communication project is in a Google Doc/Slides/Jamboard within your EKU G-Suite Drive for Education, and set your document permissions to allow comments and edits. You MUST use your EKU G-Suite Drive for Education for Noel Studio online consultations, which means you will have to log out of any other non-EKU Google accounts and log in using your EKU email and password combo.

Click the "Share" button at the top right of the page, near your picture/avatar/icon;

SHARE icon - Google Drive

Select the GET LINK area. Does it say “Eastern Kentucky University Anyone in this group with this link can edit”? If so, great! If not, use the CHANGE option to ensure your document has the correct settings:

Get Link - Google Drive

Then use the drop-down menus to select “Eastern Kentucky University”and “Editor”; you can then select “Done” to exit this menu:

Change Settings - Google Drive

If you aren’t familiar with your EKU G-Suite Drive for Education*, visit and/or If you are unable to set up your work in the appropriate EKU G-Suite Drive for Education platform prior to your online consultation, your consultant can assist during the online consultation.

*The EKU G-Suite includes all the same tools as generic Google Drive: Google Docs (for papers), Slides (for presentations), Jamboard (for brainstorming), etc.

STEP 2: Finding Your ZOOM Meeting Room Link

Find your Consultant’s unique Zoom Meeting Room link. This link should be included in your Noel Studio Online Consultation confirmation/reminder emails (if these aren’t in your inbox, check your JUNK/SPAM/CLUTTER folders):

Email Confirmation with Zoom Link

You can also log back into our scheduling system and find your Consultant’s unique Zoom Meeting Room link in theLOCATION field of the Appointment Form:

Zoom Link on Appointment Form

If you cannot find your confirmation/reminder emails and cannot get into our online scheduling system to retrieve your Zoom link from the Appointment Form, contact us using the chat box at and we can re-share your link.

STEP 3: Accessing/Joining Your Online Consultation via ZOOM

Join your Consultant’s unique Zoom Meeting Room by clicking on the active link. If the link is not active, you may need to copy the link and paste it into your internet browser. Both actions should launch the Zoom app automatically. You may be prompted to use your computer’s audio and video; please give permission for these settings.

You will enter into a Zoom Waiting Room first. Your Consultant will admit you to the Zoom Meeting Room when it is time for your online consultation to begin (they may be in another online consultation immediately before your online consultation).Please try to log into your online consultation at least five minutes prior to your appointment time. 

STEP 4: Sharing Your Work with Your Consultant

Once you and your consultant are face-to-face in Zoom, copy your EKU G-Suite Drive for Education Doc/Slides/Jamboard link (remember to set permissions to allow edits by EKU accounts as outlined in STEP 1):

Click the "Share" button at the top right of the page, near your picture/avatar/icon;

SHARE icon - Google Drive

Select the GET LINK area and use the “Copy link” option to grab the appropriate link. Remember, permissions must be set so that anyone at EKU can edit your document (see STEP 1):

Get Link - Google Drive

Now, share your link with your Consultant by pasting it in the Zoom chat function (found at the bottom of the Zoom window). If you have additional documents to share that are not in your EKU G-Suite Drive for Education (e.g. a PDF of an assignment prompt, reading, etc.), you can use the FILE option to share:

Zoom - Chat & File options

Your consultant will join you in your EKU G-Suite Drive for Education Doc/Slides/Jamboard and work can begin!

Step 5: Ending Your Appointment:

At the end of your time together, your Consultant will end the Zoom Meeting and/or you will exit the Zoom Meeting Room. Your consultant will also leave the EKU G-Suite Drive for Education Google Doc/Slides/Jamboard that you shared — you will see their icon disappear from the menu bar.

Whatever notes, suggestions, and/or comments you and your consultant make will remain on your EKU G-Suite Drive for Education Google Doc/Slides/Jamboard for your reference at your convenience. You will also receive notes about your consultation in the form of a “Record of Consultation” (RoC) via an automated email from our scheduling system (the RoC will be attached as a PDF) within 24 hours of your consultation. The RoC also serves as “proof” of your Noel Studio consultation, should your instructor require such (it is your responsibility to share the RoC with your instructor according to your instructor’s preferences). 

Please also take time to complete our consultation satisfaction survey, which will be sent to you by email, so that we can keep improving our services. 

We hope these instructions will make your online appointment a success. We look forward to working with you!

General Information about Online Consultations

How do I schedule an online consultation?

Students can schedule an online consultation through our online scheduling system; for instructions on how to schedule, visit For Students > Schedule an Appointment.

Do I need to be present during my Online Consultation?

Yes. Similar to an on-campus consultation, your consultant will ask questions and offer friendly, objective feedback designed to help you develop ideas, inspire you to pursue multiple lines of thinking, and help you think more creatively and critically about your communication project. As such, you and your consultant both will be active and engaged participants in the consultation. 

Can I just upload or send my work ahead of time for proofreading and/or editing?

While it is helpful if you upload or provide a link to your assignment prompt and any work you have completed, Online Consultants do not review, proofread, or edit any documents prior to your consultation. 

What internet browser should I use for my Online Consultation?

Zoom and Google Drive work with all browsers and on both PCs and Macs. Individuals use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and a few other browsers based on personal preference.

Do I need access to a computer mic or webcam for an Online Consultation?

While our Zoom includes a text-based chat feature, consultations are most effective if you have access to a webcam, headset, and microphone. If you do not have this technology—or reliable internet access—the regional campus sites might offer these technologies. Your local public library might also provide these technologies. Please make plans to access the necessary technology in advance of your consultation.

How do I share my project with the Consultant? What formats are compatible?

You can upload Word or text files (.DOC, .DOCX, .TXT formats) to the Appointment Form when you schedule your Online Consultation (see For Students: Schedule an Appointment for more information about scheduling appointments). If you are working with Pages, PowerPoint, or Excel, you will not be able to upload your file, but can copy/paste the content into the whiteboard area once you begin your consultation (see “How do I begin my online consultation?” below for more information). 

Additional Resources

EKU Libraries: Distance & Online Learning Support

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