Policies and Procedures

Appointments vs Walk-ins

Appointments are encouraged, but consultants will accomodate walk-ins on a as-available basis. You can book appointments in advance to reserve a consultation time. Consultations booked by appointment will usually last one hour. Walk-ins CANNOT be reserved in advance and typically last 25-30 minutes. We suggest reserving appointments in advance to avoid long waits and lack of consultation availability. 

Consultation Length

Appointments are always scheduled for one hour to guarantee students adequate time to make progress on their communication products; appointments never exceed one hour.

Walk-ins will typically last 25-30 minutes; after 25-30 minutes, the consultant will need to move to the next student with an appointment.

Inclement Weather Plan

Face-to-face consultations & room appointments

In the event of an inclement weather delay, all Richmond campus consultations and room appointments will be canceled. The Noel Studio will operate on a walk-in basis once campus re-opens for the day and any restrictions have been lifted.

Online consultations

In the event of an inclement weather delay, all online consultations will be canceled. Students should call the Noel Studio at (859) 622-7330 to reschedule online consultations. Depending upon consultant availability, the Noel Studio may or may not be able to reschedule for the same day.

For the most up-to-date information concerning the Noel Studio’s inclement weather schedule, please call (859) 622-7330.

Checking In

All students who visit the Noel Studio for a consultation will need to check in 5-15 minutes before the appointment time at the Noel Studio Reception Desk, located under the spiral staircase near our University Drive entrance, by informing the Desk Consultant of your appointment time and name. The Desk Consultant will contact your Consultant and alert him/her you have arrived and are ready to begin. The Noel Studio reserves the right to cancel your appointment if you are arrive more than 10 minutes late.

Please wait for your consultant in the waiting area near our Reception Desk. Remember: if you do not check in, we have no way to know that you are waiting, and we might consult a walk-in in your place.

Breakout Spaces and Practice Rooms

The Noel Studio has Breakout Spaces and Practice Rooms for refining presentations, working with videos, developing multimedia displays, practicing interview skills, and collaborating in small groups. You may reserve these spaces for use with a consultation or on your own for up to two hours. Due to the popularity of these spaces, the Noel Studio reserves the right to turn the space over to the next student or group after two hours or to students who have the space reserved. Students, faculty, and groups can reserve spaces on a recurring basis, as defined by the same day and/or same time, for up to three consecutive occurrences.

Please note that the Noel Studio will hold your space for 15 minutes after your reservation time. The Noel Studio reserves the right to release the space after 15 minutes.

Conference Room and Discovery Classroom

The Noel Studio Discovery Classroom and Conference Room foster intellectual activities that involve oral communication, written communication, research, collaboration, and creative thinking. The purpose of these spaces is to further Noel Studio pedagogy and support collaborative efforts between the Noel Studio and the EKU community.


The Noel Studio is a vibrant, active, and collaborative space. With this in mind, students will often use the Greenhouse, Invention Space, or Presentation Suite for spontaneous collaboration and group meetings. The Noel Studio is not intended for quiet study; Crabbe Library offers quiet study spaces on the fourth floor. Desk consultants will monitor the space for noise-related issues and reserve the right to notify students if issues arise.


The Noel Studio is a technologically sophisticated space and therefore has a support staff that maintains our technology on a daily basis. When technology presents a challenge, our support staff members and consultants will do their best to help remedy the issue swiftly. Consultants are trained to use the technology; however, they are not technology experts, and are therefore not able to fix issues related to technology in student projects. Consider visiting the Tech Commons for assistance with technology.

Predicting Grades

We will never predict grades during consultations. You should not ask us to assign a grade to an assignment. The Noel Studio exists to complement instruction that takes place in the classroom. Thus, the instructor is the only person who can provide grade-related information.


Our primary service is the consultation, which involves an engaged, active exchange between consultant and student. We expect students to be engaged in each consultation, sharing ideas willingly with us, asking questions, and, of course, coming prepared for each session. To this end, we will not edit or proofread student papers. Instead, we will employ modeling and other strategies to help you recognize issues in your own communication products.

Appointments for Small Groups

We welcome small groups to use the spaces of the Noel Studio and visit for consultations. When scheduling an appointment for a consultation, one student should book the appointment through the WCOnline system. The student who reserves the room or consultation should check in at the reception desk at the time of the appointment.

Proof of Consultation

Throughout your consultation, your consultant will record notes of the session and give you a copy at the end of your session. This paper serves as your official Record of Consultation in the Noel Studio. Noel Studio staff will NOT sign any non-Studio paperwork.

Acceptable Behavior in the Noel Studio

The Noel Studio reserves the right to refuse service and/or usage of the facility to any visitor exhibiting signs of violence, aggression, or rudeness. Inappropriate behavior in the space should be reported immediately to the desk consultant or a Noel Studio administrator. These visitors will be asked to leave immediately.

Academic Dishonesty

Students must be present for consultations. Consultations are most beneficial when students are fully engaged. Thus, students may not send friends or classmates to have a consultation for a text that they have composed. Furthermore, students should not seek consultations for take-home exams or other projects when explicitly instructed not to seek assistance. The Noel Studio will not participate in an act that violates academic integrity policies. Issues of academic dishonesty will be reported to Eastern Kentucky University’s Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.