Pre-Fall Faculty Planning Workshops

Date: Wednesday, August 14

Location: Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning (Crabbe Library 318)

Welcome back, EKU faculty! In preparation for the fall semester, all faculty are welcome to join colleagues from across campus in several workshops that will help with teaching preparation for the upcoming semester and academic year. Light snacks will be provided. Faculty are welcome to come and go as schedules allow. The Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning will be open and available for all faculty to use for fall planning and collaboration before and after workshops. 

Integrating Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT) into Your Classroom  

Dr. Russell Carpenter & Dr. Shirley O'Brien

Are you interested in improving student learning in the classroom? Have you considered small teaching changes that can enhance how and why students learn? In this session, facilitators introduce transparency in learning and teaching (TILT), discuss strategies for designing learning outcomes around these concepts, and facilitate discussion focused on the value of TILT for EKU students. Participants will receive a packet of information focused on TILT and resources to consider for use in enhancing teaching and learning.

1:50-2:00pm BREAK

Critical Reading in Quantitative Courses

Dr. Lisa Kay & Dr. Jill Parrott

This session will discuss the ways that reading in quantitative courses differs from other disciplinary types of reading and the challenges students face in negotiating those differences. Participants will reflect on their own expert disciplinary reading practices for quantitative texts and will leave with practical ideas for supporting novice student readers.

3:00-3:10pm BREAK

Teaching with the Jigsaw Method

Dr. Matthew Winslow

Faculty want students to work in small groups but students often hate small group work. A jigsaw activity accomplishes many goals while avoiding many of the features of small group work that students don’t like. The most important beneficial features of the jigsaw include its cooperative nature, individual accountability, and engagement of every student. Jigsaws have been used in just about every type of class at every level. This session will describe the essential elements of a jigsaw activity and tips for implementation. 

Open FCT&L Hours
8:00am-1:00pm & 4:00pm-Close

Working on fall course materials or projects? The FCT&L will be available for all faculty to collaborate and work on fall planning.