Request a Noel Studio Toolkit

Noel Studio Active Learning Toolkits offer faculty the plan and resources for employing Noel Studio pedagogy in their own classrooms. Selecting/clicking a toolkit title will lead to a request page for that toolkit.

You can request a Noel Studio space for facilitating lessons that incorporate Noel Studio Active Learning Toolkits. Please submit room requests at least one week in advance; requests will be accommodated as space is available.

Communicating for a Specific Audience

This activity will help students understand how audience impacts their language and style choices when writing or speaking in various academic situations.

Peer Review

This activity will use either student drafts or sample papers to discuss and practice effective strategies for peer reviews. Students will learn to analyze a prompt, examine the success of a draft, and offer feedback for revision.

Synthesizing Sources

In this activity, students will use sources to practice identifying points of a debate and organize them into a cohesive argument.