Resources for Faculty

Here is a collection of many of the resources the Noel Studio has for faculty members. Please feel free to download and use them for your students. Please email us with any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding any of these handouts.

Coming to the Noel Studio

What is a Consultation?

Quick Consultations

Online Consultations

What Can I do at the Noel Studio?

How Can a Consultant Help You with Writing?

How Can a Consultant Help You with a Presentation?

Minor in Applied Creative Thinking

Principles of Effective Communication

An Introduction to Creating Effective Communication

Written Communication

How to Write a Paper in 10 Easy Steps

How to Write a Paragraph Handout

How to Write a Paragraph Exercise

10 Tips for College Writing

Persuasive Strategies

Proofreading Checklist

Punctuation Hierarchies

First-Year Writing Grading Rubric

Oral Communication

Developing an Oral Presentation

Preparing Your Elevator Speech

Visual Communication

Pointers for PowerPoint

Learning Prezi

F1000Posters: An Open Access Repository of Posters and Slides (research poster examples) 

Noel Studio Poster Design Template

Better Posters: A Resource for Improving Poster Presentations

Tips for Designing Effective Posters 

Gestalt Principles


How to Use Windows Movie Maker

Citation Styles

A Quick Guide to MLA Format

Get to Know APA

Documentation Styles by Discipline


Online Storyboard Creator

Storyboard Basics

Storyboard Examples

Storyboard Template: Six Up

Storyboard Template: Nine Up


Commonly Needed Commas

Professional Communication

Letters of Recommendation


An Introduction to Research and Information Fluency

Get Creative: Refine Your Research Topic

Conducting Academic Research: Process and Planning

Working with a Group

Group Dynamics