Services for You & Your Students

Individual and small-group consultations help your students learn effective communication skills from highly trained peer consultants. Consultants are trained to ask questions about your student's communication projects and processes. Rather than editing your work for them, they help them understand complex communication assignments and situations.

Who schedules consultations in the Noel Studio?

  • Graduate and undergraduate students
  • Excellent and struggling communicators

What is a consultation?

  • One-on-one and small-group meetings that focus on global issues in communication design such as organization, development, and support.
  • Highly interactive sessions that encourage critical and creative thinking.

What should my students expect during a consultation?

  • Friendly, objective feedback to further their project
  • Prioritized feedback on organization and ideas before grammar and formatting
  • Questions that help them create new ideas
  • Inspiration to pursue multiple lines of thinking
  • Ideas to help them achieve creative, persuasive effects in their communication projects

What should they bring to the consultation?

  • Ideas, questions, and specific goals
  • Prompts, related readings, and/or guidelines for the project
  • Drafts, notes, outlines, or research

What kinds of communication projects will the Noel Studio consult?

  • essays
  • speeches
  • visual aids
  • websites
  • posters

Help us Connect with Your Students

  • Want your students to see the Noel Studio for themselves? Visit us in the Noel Studio for a 20-30 minute guided tour and overview of our services by requesting an orientation at Request an Orientation.

  • Not sure you have time for a full orientation? The Noel Studio makes house calls! Invite a Noel Studio representative to your classroom for a short 10 minute presentation about our spaces and services by visiting Request a Presentation.

  • Can't fit a presentation or an orientation into an already packed semester? Request informational packets for your students by completing the Get to Know the Noel Studio! Packet Request Form.

  • Plan on including the Noel Studio's services in your syllabus? If so, please consult Syllabus Recommendations for helpful tips and syllabi language.