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COVID-19 Syllabus Recommendations

What is the mission of the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity?

The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity programs exist to create innovative support for communication, research, and teaching and learning initiatives that enhance deep learning at EKU.

How can the Noel Studio help my Students?

The Noel Studio integrates support for writing, speaking, research, and multimodal communication and helps EKU students develop effective communication skills by promoting critical and creative thinking through peer-to-peer meetings called consultations. Your and your students can learn more about consultations by visiting For Students: About the Consultations.

Students are more likely to integrate feedback from their Noel Studio visits if they have adequate time to reflect on their experience. Please encourage students to be proactive by visiting the Noel Studio with plenty of time to spare before their assignment is due. Additionally, please note that a single consultation may not always be enough time to address all of your or your student's concerns, and that Noel Studio consultants do not "fix" or otherwise edit student work during the consultation. Rather, consultants offer objective feedback, discuss revision options, help develop action plans for revising or completing a communication project, provide suggestions/resources for improvement, etc. If you have questions about the feedback your student received during a consultation or would like more information about our consulting pedagogy, please contact the Noel Studio directly at

How do I recommend the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity to my students?

Consider including information about the Noel Studio on your syllabus. You can also request Noel Studio flyers or have a Noel Studio representative facilitate an orientation or presentation about Noel Studio services.

In your feedback to individual students, you might consider including statements like: “Your [assignment] would have been more convincing if you had [area for improvement]. For your next project, consider visiting  the Noel Studio to discuss strategies for [addressing area for improvement]."

Brief Syllabus Recommendation:

The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity is a free resource for the EKU community, including graduate and undergraduate students. At the Noel Studio, a trained consultant will work with you or your small group on any piece of written, oral, or multimodal communication, at any stage in the process from brainstorming to finished product. Consultants can also help you develop effective research strategies, while refering to EKU Libraries as necessary. For more information, visit the Noel Studio website at or call 859-622-7330.

Full Syllabus Recommendation:

The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity is a free resource for the EKU community, including graduate and undergraduate students.

The Noel Studio’s primary service is the individual or group consultation: a trained consultant will spend 60 minutes (appointment) or 25-30 minutes (walk-in) with you (an hour is preferable if your project is longer than five pages or the equivalent for presentations and multimedia. or if you are working with a group) reviewing your project and discussing your ideas. You can bring your work to the Noel Studio at any point in the communication-development process, even if you don’t have anything substantial yet. Your visit will be most helpful if you take the time to:

  • Prepare questions/ideas/strategies in advance: Identify specific questions/ideas/strategies that will guide your research and thinking about the project while you're in the Noel Studio.
  • Prepare to participate in the consultation: The Noel Studio is designed as a collaborative and creative space for learning. Thus, you will actively discuss your project with the consultant and take part in invention techniques and activities.
  • Allot time to revise and reflect after you leave the Noel Studio: Identify the possibilities raised during the consultation that are helpful to you and leave enough time to reflect on and incorporate feedback and suggestions from the consultation.
  • Revise and rethink: The Noel Studio is intended to support multiple learning styles. Use invention and practice spaces at the Noel Studio to rethink critical aspects of your project.

The Noel Studio will help with projects in any subject, including traditional essays, research papers, and proposals; out-of-class projects such as scholarship applications, graduate school applications, and business letters; multimedia such as digital narratives, videos, podcasts, and online portfolios; and oral presentations, conference talks, and panel presentations. After each consultation, you will receive verification of your visit and a summary of what was discussed.

It is best to make an appointment; however, the Noel Studio offers walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis as consultants become available (note: walk-ins cannot be reserved or guaranteed in advance).

You may use Noel Studio resources, such as computers and software, spaces, large-screen monitors, whiteboards, etc. without an appointment. 

For more information or to make an appointment, visit the Noel Studio website at or call 859-622-7330.

GROUPS: If you are working on a group project, please have all members come to the Noel Studio when you visit for your consultation. Please have all group members sign in at the reception desk under the spiral staircase.

Please remember that the Noel Studio does not write, proofread, or grade projects.

How do I recommend online consultations to my students?

Online consultations are a valuable service that can be utilized by any EKU student, but are particularly recommended to online students or those that attend a regional campus. Please consider the below as a way to recommend a Noel Studio online consultation to your students.

Full Syllabus Recommendation:

All EKU students have access to online consultations—one-on-one, individualized meetings focused on your writing and communication questions. You can schedule online consultations at times that are convenient to you and at times of the semester that are most beneficial, usually before major assignments are due.

Consultants can help you:

  • Choose a topic and organize thoughts and ideas.
  • Research, draft, and revise your projects.
  • Improve grammar, punctuation, and clarity.
  • Draft an effective thesis statement and develop persuasive appeals.
  • Citie sources properly according to MLA, APA, or CMS.
  • Develop effective speech communication practices.
  • Ask questions and think critically and creatively about a topic or writing/communication assignment.
  • Understand media options and uses.

Consultations take place in real time via video, audio, and chat. You can schedule and access a consultation from anywhere with Internet access.

For more information on online consultations, please visit: