The Read/Write Connection PLC - Fall 2019 registration

Dr. Jill Parrott & Dr. Eileen Shanahan 

Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 11:15 am

Meeting Location: Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning (FCT&L)

Have you ever thought to yourself “My students are writing this research paper, but are they really getting it?,” or “I assign this great reading, but when I ask them to write about how they’d apply the ideas, they seem confused”? This Quality Enhancement Plan-sponsored professional learning community will provide tools to discuss academic purposes for including assignments that bring together reading and writing and will stress practical approaches for teaching students to “read like writers.” The Read/Write Connection PLC will ask whether our traditional writing assignments lead to a shallow understanding of disciplinary reading and whether “emphasizing the intellectual processes of reading, including the role genre plays in understanding” can better meet the learning goals we have for our students and their needs for success in their academic programs and careers (Manarin, Carey, Rathburn, and Ryland 64).

Learning Outcomes

Participants will
1.     better understand research behind the cognitive connections between reading and writing for college-level curriculum,
2.     examine ways to improve student reading as a means to improve research-based or application-based writing, and
3.     create assignments and assessments for courses and/or research that makes explicit the connection between college-level reading and writing and reflects disciplinary best practices.

DEEP Course Connections: Critical Reading

Learning Threads: Pedagogy

Texts and Resources: Critical Reading in Higher Education by Manarin, Carey, Rathburn, and Ryland 

Please email us with any questions related to this PLC or contact the facilitator directly. We look forward to collaborating with you this semester. 

Please Read

I understand that my participation in a PLC requires a commitment on my part to enjoy the benefits as an instructor. If I am selected to participate, I agree to fully engage in the PLC meetings and activities and complete readings and projects.