Ucert in ACT Curriculum

ACT Curriculum

A 2010 survey by IBM of over 3000 CEOs revealed that the number one skill that they needed to see from college graduates is creative thinking.  Interestingly, a similar survey in 2007 found teamwork at the top of the list with critical thinking in second place.  In A Whole New Mind (2005) Daniel Pink posits “the `right-brain’ qualities of invention, empathy, joyfulness, and meaning—increasingly will determine who flourishes and who flounders” (3).  In The Creative Workforce (2008) Erica McWilliam argues that all institutions of learning must teach this creative capacity, for it “will be a core capacity for productive 21st-century workers” (29).

One response from postsecondary institutions to this growing consensus as to the high priority placed on creative thinking is called the creative-campus initiative.  For too long creativity has been thought of as the province of the humanities—art, music, English—and design.  The Chronicle of Higher Education emphasizes that in this initiative creativity “applies not only to the arts, leading programs focus on the creative process that threads through not only art and design, but also engineering, medicine, and the arts and sciences” (10 October 2010).  The article cites research that suggests “creativity is not simply a product of personality or individual psychology, but is rooted in a set of teachable competencies.”  In a creative campus these specific skills are introduced and reinforced throughout the multiple disciplines.

The Noel Studio offers the following courses in ACT:

  • CRE 101           Introduction to Creative Thinking (3 hrs.)
  • CRE 201           Innovation and Creativity (3 hrs.)
  • CRE 300           Pedagogy of Creativity Studies (3 hrs.)
  • CRE 301           Texts & Technology of Creativity (3 hrs.)
  • CRE 305           Creativity and Research (3 hrs.)
  • CRE 350           Studio Theory & Practice (3 hrs.)
  • CRE 400           Creative Projects (3 hrs.)
  • CRE 490           Creativity Independent Study (1-3 hrs.).

CRE 101 and CRE 400 are required courses for the ucert. The additional twelve hours of the minor must be selected from the list of CRE or extant courses and divided up into categories in order to ensure the breadth of student learning. In addition, departments should encourage the creation of new courses to be aligned with the ucert. 

Specifics about the Ucert

  • A Ucert in Applied Creative Thinking requires a minimum of 18 hours.
  • Students pursuing a Ucert in Applied Creative Thinking must take approved courses either in CRE or from the list of approved courses.
  • The Program Director of the Ucert in Applied Creative Thinking may approve other courses, completed at Eastern Kentucky University another accredited institution of higher education in the United States, to meet any of the above requirements for the Ucert.

Propose an ACT Course

Faculty members are encouraged to propose courses to align with the ucert in ACT. All course proposals are reviewed by the ACT curriculum committee.


Trenia Napier, Program Director