University Fellows

Eastern Kentucky University is a rich intellectual community of engaged scholars with responsibility for creating and fostering a rich intellectual environment, where knowledge is produced, replicated, and communicated and where learning is celebrated for its intrinsic value.  Faculty members provide students with an optimal learning environment through excellent and innovative pedagogy, and also by being active in their own scholarly lives.  Faculty scholarship, as reflected through grant proposals, presentations, publications, and performances, is essential to academic excellence.  

In 2015, in recognition of the vital role of faculty scholarship, President Michael T. Benson and Board of Regents Chair Craig Turner established the President’s Research and Scholarship Fund, which supports the University Fellows Program and the Travel Grant Program.

Attach are EKU's University Fellows, presented during Scholarship Week 2016. For more information on the University Fellows Program, including application process, eligibility, and criteria, please visit the University Fellows Program page.

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